Tuesday, 29 December 2020


If you were in crisis- where would you turn?
If you know somebody in crisis - where would you refer them too?

Many of us have friends and family to turn to when the going gets tough. But what if your family could no longer help and you had nowhere else to go? What if the kids were hungry, the cupboards bare and you're not sure where the next meal is coming from?

That’s where St Ives Foodbank helps. By giving people food when they need it most - helping to avert greater disaster and greater poverty.

Just by giving food and/or money to St Ives Foodbank - you can be a vital part of the community that is helping to feed St Ives residents in short term need.

In a nutshell The Foodbank is a straightforward system of collection, collation and distribution of basic food items to support people at times of crisis.

The Foodbank collects a variety of tinned and dried foods through supermarkets, organisations, churches and individuals. We also welcome financial donations so we can supply perishable products but buy these at the time of issue and in quantities as demand dictates

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